Lets Design (Partnership) has now ceased operating.

Domain name will be expired at the end of it's paid term and is not available for sale.

Lets Design ceased operation due to a quiet marketplace.

Staff wish all previous customers success for the future or in finding alternate design companies.

LEGAL NOTICE: Lets Design was insured throughout it's operation with HISCOX Business Insurance. Operational cessation was not due to any fault of staff, customers, owners or financial liabilities. Lets Design ceased operation with no liabilities and owing no outstanding work or money. All accounts are filed with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs up until it's last operational day. Under the 1998 data protection act; all confidential information, invoices, files, work, designs, databases and programs have been deleted and destroyed.

Staff kindly request that previous customers of Lets Design do not privately request that they make amendments or additions to work that was provided while they worked for Lets Design. They are contracted not to do this and would unlikely be able to help out due to commitments and contracts with their current employers. Thank you.

Again, we wish all our past customers a successful future.